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BEST - PACKAGE #1 PowerMixer: DJ/Entertainer MC/DJ 360MIX

Hello it's George (360MIX). Now I can personally be at your event, As a full-time DJ I dedicate my life to DJing, and entertaining people. I feed off the party goers and bring excitement to your guests. I'm also a Mashup artist able to mix music from 70s to current with a new exciting twist.

If you really wantvyour event to shine choose this package. As a PowerMixer this package features All professional equipment, lighting, DJ that is experienced in all events including Teen, Adult, Corporate, Bar/Lounge/Club and Weddings. offering a large music collection, DJ/MC knows how to read the crowd and is able to beatmix music to keep the party flowing.

What you get: Event Planning, Upgraded Sound System / Upgraded Lights / Minimalist Setup. NEW Feature: Online Music Request, Smart Phone app music requests for your friends.

Special talent: MC, Scratch, Turntabalist, Hype-up crowd.

Weekdays: Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday $500
Weekends: Friday, Saturday, Sunday $600

Options and Additions (add $350 for Wedding for 4 Hour Reception & Cocktail Hour)
Private Charter Yatch (add $175 for Loading & logisitcs)
Add an hour of service $150
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GOOD - PACKAGE #2 Standard DJs
When you look around the internet and find a DJ company or a DJ service. These are the same quality DJs you you'll find. These DJs are what we call in the industry "Standard DJs". They have all been Interviewed by me and they are perfect for all types of events and play open format music. (meaning all the popular music you hear in the radio from 70s till now. Ofcorse the DJ will play what you like.)

If you are having a theme party we have special genre DJs are also available in this Package. DJs below play all current music as well..

Don't worry I will personally select the best DJ for your music style and requirements.) $450 Per Party
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NEW If you are limited in cash. This is the package for you. We get you a DJ that works at reduced price. The DJ will play music. some DJs might include dance lighting at no extra charge. (This package is not recommended for weddings) $375 Per Party
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